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August 07, 2003
Waiting for dinner

No point in going home. I'd have to turn around and drive most of the way back to the office to meet a friend for dinner. So, I'm blogging.

I'm just saying. I'd vote for Al again. Those misled by the media's demonization of him need to do the sensible thing and check his record. Yes, he's "centrist" on some things, but not on a lot of the ones I care about. His position on things like the environment is very attractive to me. The fact that he knows how to compromise with the less-radical conservatives is not, in my book, a drawback.

Besides, we want a candidate who can win, right? Well, he won once already. How much more proof of his electability do you need?

(I don't blame him for not running again but I'll be interested to see who he eventually endorses.)

For those of you in California, Kevin Drum's vote is up for grabs, but there are terms and conditions. If your plans for the fiscal future of the state involve the Tooth Fairy, don't call Kevin. Presumably anything requiring a tax on the Easter Bunny will also get a thumbs' down.

I got here via Chris Nelson and before I go commit hari kari, I'm begging someone to tell me this is an internet hoax. (Also, before you buy yours, stop and consider that the Sekrit Service is likely going to consider putting it through the garbage disposal to be a "threatening act.")

Fortunately Hesiod and Atrios are already all over the mockery thing. (Links are bloggered, scroll down.)

Posted by AnneZook at 06:03 PM