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August 07, 2003
Don't know much about....

Don't know who or what caused it, but the recent eruption in terrorist acts has me worried.

Or is it a recent eruption? Is there an upsweep in terrorist activity or is it that the USofA media is finally starting to cover international terrorism?

I don't know if Iran is developing nuclear weapons or not. Certainly there are some things that make me suspect they are.

Nuclear experts have questioned the declared need of Iran - a country with vast oil and natural gas reserves - to produce nuclear energy.
I do know that when I read about someone from their government defending "one of the pillars of the power of the people,"" I get an odd and unsavory flashback to Nazi Germany. Something about that phrase was very evocative.

I see Dean's son is back in the news as a booze-stealer. No, not again, it's a rehash of the original story. CBS,. who linked the story from their front page, seems to have thought that agreeing to participate in a "court diversion program" was of more significance than the other news-related events they could have given front-page space to. I'm never sure...are they deliberately running this as an anti-Dean story, or are they running it because Dean-related news draws readers and they didn't have anything else to offer?

Posted by AnneZook at 11:48 AM