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August 06, 2003
Lunchtime thoughts

Should you find yourself thinking that Bush's scheme to outsource most of the federal government to enrich private corporations might not be such a very bad idea, trot on over to Nathan Newman's site and see why you're wrong.

Or read him on the subject of social security privatization. (For the record, the promise (""They promised to preserve the benefits of all current retirees and those nearing retirement.") is already a lie. They've already added 16 months onto how long I have to work in order to pull full benefits and who knows how much more they'll add between now and my "retirement" age? I'm not a twenty year-old, okay? I've paid into this system since I was 16 because (a) I had to, (b) I was told the money would be there.

Let's make something else very clear while we're at it. The money was there. A lot of it was there. It's just that the Feds couldn't stand all of that surplus waiting to be paid out to the people who paid it in, so they helped themselves. Yep, they took it for other projects and, instead of paying it back, now they're crying that there's not enough money.

This might also explain why the military seems to set on military tribunals instead of civilian trials. But I understand why Jeanne just sighed and moved on after originally reading the article. I, too, expect little else from this Administration.

The entire entry is an object lesson in why we can't go on sighing and looking the other way.

Posted by AnneZook at 02:50 PM