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August 06, 2003
Bits and pieces

Iraq's about to get itself an army of religious fanatics, it seems.

And it's good to see that someone has an eye on the justice system. Especially that part of it that might be tempted to strike down environmental protections to make its own personal investments a little more valuable. (I'm not saying that's what happened. I'm saying there's good reason to be suspicious.)

And we may finally be able to get some fresh news from Afghanistan. No, not from the USofA press. Don't be silly, they've forgotten all about that previous war. No, it seems that Canadian troops are headed into the country and a journalist is going with them. I look forward to reading what Chris Wattie has to report.

Maureen Dowd is pretty rude on the subject of Bush and his (lack of) control of his Administration, but she's always worth reading.

The National Conference of State Legislatures decided to oppose federal legislation on medical malpractice issues, including a bill supported by President Bush that would set a $250,000 cap on noneconomic damages.
(Seems that the state governments object to the feds trying to pass legislation that preempts existing state laws.)

Bush's preferred $250k cap on "non-economic damages" isn't doing that well on the state level.

Among those bills is a Texas measure setting a $250,000 cap on noneconomic damages. Gov. Rick Perry signed the bill into law in June, but Texas voters will have to vote Sept. 13 on changing the state constitution before it can take effect.

A proposed $250,000 cap has had less luck in Florida, where Gov. Jeb Bush postponed a third special session on the bill, scheduled for this week, after it became clear that the state Senate would not alter its opposition to the cap.

Texas and Florida, hmmm?

Do you shop at dollar stores? I had no idea they were becoming such a big thing. The only time I've ever shopped at one was when I was looking for the worst, ugliest Christmas decorations I could find. (Yes, I had a reason. No, I ain't telling you.)

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