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August 05, 2003
The Media Talks

The media on the media is worth reading. I think I'll put the two books referenced on my list.

Here's an interesting column arguing that newspapers need to pay more attention, on a daily basis, to issues of constitutionality around the country.

Also, I find myself interested by the study showing that liberal publications are critical of Democrats and Republicans, while conservative publications hesitate to criticize their own. I'm not surprised by it, since a casual reading of any national news publication over the last decade, or even the last couple of years, clearly shows it to be true. However, the article comes with some interesting examples of how partisan conservative coverage is. (The study, in pdf format, is here.) I didn't have time to read this as thoroughly as I would like. I'll have to get back to it later, along with the copy of the study I downloaded.

Editor and Publisher continues to argue in support of the importance of weblogs these days. There are some interesting links.

The Rest of the Story

Here's how the infamous, so-called 'Patriot' Act was actually voted into law. (The bottom of the story.) If I were a paranoid, conspiracy theorist, stories like this would give me nightmares.

The war in Iraq went surprisingly quickly, didn't it? I guess that happens when you don't care what kind of carnage you cause.

And Krugman is all over dishonesty in government, specifically when government departments suppress or slant reports to support Administration positions.

Those dissing the USofA for dragging its feet in Liberia might scan the landscape and wonder where Europe is. According to this article, you don't see European troops in Liberia because they don't have an "African policy" but it seems to me that since the fighting in Liberia has been going on for over a decade, they had more than enough time to formulate a policy, if they intended to. (It looks like Peel in the Financial Times has a column on the USofA's lack of interest in Liberia, but it's a subscriber-only deal, so I can't get to the full text. All I can see is, "The country that was founded by liberated American slaves can expect little help from Washington. For the US, there is no national interest at stake.)

And this could break your heart. As could this. Except that reports I've heard about Peace Corps efforts indicate that the long-term impact of this program has been...well...nil. I need to do some research and see if that's true.

Afghans on Edge of Chaos reads the headline. " As opium production and banditry soar, the country is at risk of anarchy, some warn, and could allow a Taliban resurgence."

Another headline reads, " Iran Closes In on Ability to Build a Nuclear Bomb." Nice thought for a sunny, summer day. Here's a column discussing the situation.*

(* Although, let me point out the idiocy of everyone, Left or Right, who speaks piously of "making contact" with a repressive regime and "encouraging" the growth of "democracy." What kind of fool thinks that's going to happen? Democracy In Regime Out, okay? Regimes change when the people foment rebellion from the ground up.)

There's more I'd like to complain about today (Well, isn't there always?) but I really should be working.

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