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August 03, 2003
Tell me about it

How did I miss this before? (I'm working too much.)

A US department of energy panel of experts which provided independent oversight of the development of the US nuclear arsenal has been quietly disbanded by the Bush administration, it emerged yesterday.
Reason tells me that these continued efforts to dissolve the government have some rationale behind them besides a vague and inane belief in "small" government, but I'm having trouble fitting the disbanding of really critical groups like this one into the mix.
The decision to close down the national nuclear security administration advisory committee - required by law to hold public hearings and issue public reports on nuclear weapons issues - has come just days before a closed-door meeting at a US air force base in Nebraska to discuss the development of a new generation of tactical "mini nukes" and "bunker buster" bombs, as well as an eventual resumption of nuclear testing.

Is that it? What government they don't intend to erase, they want done secretly?

I'm all for open hearings on these things because I think it's time and past time a few hundred thousand of us (if not more) stood up and said that in the future we do not want our country's primary export to be death.

The Republican Party's image just keeps degenerating. It's the quality of followers they seem to attract, of course.

Not that I don't think racist, homophobic, small-minded, petty reactionaries aren't entitled to a political voice. I'd just prefer it if they were in some fringe party instead of infesting (and, at times it would seem, controlling) the Cheap-Labor Party. Should any conservatives find themselves accidentally on this site, I recommend you go burn a candle to Nixon and thank him for his conscious efforts to swell his own support by courting this class of voter.

My objection to spending government money on the conservatives are reactionary nitwits study is more practical than those I've read. I object to spending public money to document the merely obvious.

And don't look now, but Ashcroft is at it again. This time, he's cuddling corporations. It has to do with pre-trial diversions and the requirements to file public papers on deals the government makes with corporations. (Actually, that's not quite right. It has to do with allowing government to avoiding filing papers on sekrit deals it makes with corporations.)

I heard about the tour through Wisconsin and Minnesota, the one where a few Administration shills were forced to promote economy-killing tax cuts as the best thing since Viagra. Didn't we all? Via too many bloggers to remember, John feels differently but the so-called liberal media didn't cover his part of the Shortbus tour. Nor did I hear, even on NPR, about any of the other protests organized around the stops.

And what's this all about? (Via Talking Points, who calls it, "a very interesting view into the struggles taking place behind the scenes in the US government over Iraq.")

Also, Popular Mechanics may have gotten it wrong, but I still find their 50s-era predictions, via Kevin, amusing to read.

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