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August 01, 2003
Another dose

Deep in the heart of Texas, the Governor is trying to raise a quorum. A new stand-off is in place by Democrats refusing to cave in to pressure and allow the unusual and highly partisan redistricting plan to go through. (For those curious about the continued fuss in Texas, it's my opinion that Rove is desperate to keep Bush from losing the state in '04 and is trying to stack the deck.)

Delay's interference isn't limited to Texas, though. He's got his fingers in the Middle Eastern pie, too.

The Bush administration's "road map" to peace rests on cease-fires, a halt to Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories and Palestinian statehood. DeLay's vision for Israel does not. His Christian Zionist religious belief holds that a Jewish Israel is necessary for the second coming of Jesus Christ and the "rapture" that will deliver Christians into heaven. That view abjures negotiation since compromise by Israel would interfere with the fulfillment of the prophecy.
Religious people are scary, okay? I'm thinking maybe from now on none of us should vote for anyone who isn't willing, at the very minimum, to put their bibles into a blind trust while they're in office.

I don't know what I think of this. Certainly I'm not in favor of handing anyone over to a country that practices torture. Even if that someone is criminal.

Looks like shifting the ground of our war on terror to Iraq had the effect of...well, giving terrorists some breathing space. (Hands up, everyone who's surprised.)

We haven't found any WMD, as we all know, but new reports indicate that such things are being saved as a big surprise for us. (I'm assuming a major event, like another significant drop in Bush's polling numbers, and we'll be getting that present.)

And what's this all about? Anyone but me wondering how the Baghdad Museum was "persuade" to lend some of it's treasures for a US tour?

Here's a sobering take on life in Iraq right now. It compares the aftermath of Gulf I and Gulf II. The bottom line? Iraqis are no less willing than anyone else would be to jump in a rebuild their country. The only thing standing in the way is...wait for it...the USofA!

Also in the same part of the world, it appears that Syria hasn't been behaving itself. They got a Powell warning and if they don't straighten up, well, they just might find themselves regime-changed before they know it! After all, they're just a missile-shot across the western Iraq border.

It wasn't a subtle threat, either. Continuing this Administration's policy of, "If you're not lockstepping behind us, you're the enemy," Powell said, They need, frankly, a better relationship with us to, in turn, have a better relationship with Iraq, which is one of Syria's largest trading partners, concessional oil and commerce. It's not happening,"

(Heard on the way to work this morning: Don't be impressed by the economy's 2.4 percent jump last quarter. Reports say that around 1 percent of that was defense spending, meaning that the government is re-arming for our next invasion. Or may because they need guns and ammo to buy support for our behavior in Iraq. Also don't be impressed because unemployment "dropped" last month. It "dropped" because reports show around half a million people gave up job hunting. I don't know if that's because their benefits ran out and no one's counting them any more or how it works. Also, the economy reportedly shed another 44k jobs last month, as well. (Although, if recent history is any guide, in about 30 days they'll "revise" that number upward by a factor of five.)

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