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August 01, 2003
Oldies, but....

Stories I probably shoul have linked to before.

TomPaine.com's Hawks Say The Darndest Things! by Mark Engler. He quotes Daniel Piper, who says that we invaded Iraq not for WMD or humanitarian reasons, but because Hussein was thumbing his nose at us. (Way to make us look like a schoolyard full of insecure five-year olds, Piper.)

From WaPo, although probably everyone has read this one by now, there's Bush Faced Dwindling Data on Iraq Nuclear Bid . It's yet another angle on the path o'shame that led to the inclusion of nuclear threats in the SotU speech.

From BothSidesNow, Sara Paretsky gives us The New Censorship. Liberty is, as I think many of us know, under seige.

And war-profiteer Richard Perle wants everyone to forgive Iraq's debt. I don't know what the point of that is, I read the article for the stomach-churning report of how much money we're funneling into worse-than-Iraq regimes under the guise of "fighting terrorism."

Doug Smith's piece here talks about "Fingering the Federalist Society" and activists hoping to block the appointment of right-wing judges. This story centers around Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Democrats have approved the appointment of 140 of Bush's nominees so far. I think that's an important perspective to keep in mind. Blocking a few extremists isn't the obstructionism that the Republicans are claiming.

And a new site brought to my attention has a good cartoon on the front page right now. Check out thomasmc.

And let's end on a note of poison for a change.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:26 AM