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July 29, 2003
Say, what?

Okay, now I'm completely confused. The Pentagon had enough faith in their Terrorism Futures board game to spend a few hundred thousand...or was it a few million? dollars on preliminary development, but didn't have enough faith in it to hang onto the concept for even 24 hours after they went public with it?

You know what that tells my suspicious little brain? That tells my suspicious little brain that someone "up top" in the recent past (3 years or so) came up with this brainstorm and the people detailed to make it happen didn't believe in it. So, before it got out of hand, they made an occasion to expose the idea to the public and voila! Stupid program dead!

Also, I hate it that CNN replaced the original story discussing how much money has been spent and was planned on this project with this "scrapped" follow-up. I don't think they should have overwritten the original story.

Here's one version of it. There are a few more out there but unfortunately I can't find one that gives the original cost estimates.

Now...back to work.

(And just because I haven't mentioned it, don't think I'm not mourning Bob Hope. Truly the passing of a legend.)

Posted by AnneZook at 03:30 PM