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July 26, 2003
Weekend stories

Every time I think about how I'm against the death penalty, I read something like this and realize I'm right. Death is too good for these people.

Now we're pissing off Russia? Is there anyone besides the U.K. we're not fighting with?

Head Start is now on the chopping block...no...wait...it looks like it's already over.

I think that politicians out campaigning instead of in Washington voting is a disgrace. The new Head Start plan passed by one vote. Where was Gephardt?

Once again, Nader and his Green Party prove that they don't understand how the system works. There's no way they can win and they know it. Let's hope that liberal voters know better than to risk a return of the Bush Regime in '04. (Kucinich is asking them to stand aside, for the greater good.)

It would appear that things do not, in fact, go better with Coke. Toxic waste? I am so glad I don't drink that stuff.

(Also, the water in the region should be reserved for the people and the farms before the Coca-Cola corporation gets to it. What kind of skewed priorities do these people have?

Oh...wait...in the recent drought here in Colorado, I remember that when they were begging for us to conserve water, the one statistic I was unable to find was the amount of water used by manufacturers as opposed to the amount used by individuals. So I guess their priorities are the same as ours. Starve the people, by all means, but don't upset the business community.)

Let's hear it for the Boy Scouts. My objection to their homophobic policies aside (when will being gay not be responsible for bigotry and tragedy?), anything that speeds up airport waiting lines is good by me.

Jonathan Steele argues, convincingly, that the problems in Iraq aren't necessarily caused by remnants of the Hussein regime. Also, let's all remember that the soldiers on the ground aren't supposed to have to fix this. Where is the leadership this situation demands? It's easy to say, cut our losses but that would be wrong. We made this mess. It's up to us to fix it.

We need to do is stop insisting on installing a handpicked government there. Let Iraqis choose their government and get the hell out. Leave their country to them and don't further inflame religious extremists who are feeding on the chaos. Where is the leadership?

I guess we can't afford to do things properly in Iraq. Certainly we can't as long as we keep handing out multi-billion dollar tax cuts every couple of months.

This is worth reading if you wonder how journalists and others comport themselves while covering a war.

A cult of personality trailed Uday. One of the first things journalists who arrived after the war did was loot one of Uday's many houses (a memento of the war they missed, perhaps). There was a party a few weeks ago in London in which people were invited to wear one of Uday's florid Versace knock-off shirts that streamed out of the looted houses in the hands of journalists, along with some really bad ties and family photographs. It strikes me as a bit creepy -- sort of like wearing Eva Braun's underwear. Uday was part of an international political pop culture, probably because few of us have actually met any of his victims.
Really, the entire article is just fascinating.

Imagine my shock when it's left to the iniquitous OpinionJournal to ask why Democrats aren't demanding facts about Saudi Arabia. (Most of the rest of this column is predictably inane.)

Now I remember why I don't blog on weekends. All of this has left me amazingly depressed.

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