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July 26, 2003

Some kind of shenanigans are going on over at CNN, connected with their story about Ashcroft's ability to tap your phones and read your mail.

The poll connected with the article currently shows 2087 people saying "sneak and peek" is essential for security and ZERO votes for "it's a violation of civil liberties" which just isn't possible.

If my "no" vote doesn't show up soon, I'm sending them a rude note. (I've seen this on CNN before. Thousands of votes on one side and absolutely zero votes on the other side of a poll. I think sometimes their "no" button doesn't work.)

Uncharacteristically, I'm browsing around on-line today. I may be back to whine about the news but in reference to the previous whine about how no one ever helps me, let me say that people stepped up to help me and I may, one day soon, find myself with a shiney new site of my own! (Thanks, Andrew)

Posted by AnneZook at 10:18 AM