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July 24, 2003
Interesting reading

If you have the time and if, like me, you have the day off. (No, I'm not spending it here, writing blog entries. Just the morning part of the day.)

The Neoliberal Take on the Middle East (via Busy, busy, busy)

Wow. Via Rushlimbaughtomy, a site new to me, I found the Mother Jones coverage of "The World According to Halliburton." I'm not on the side of those who think Halliburton is personally trying to take over the world, but this is a fascinating example of how huge USofA conglomerates have tentacles all over the world. (When you wonder why foreign policy is so complicated, remember these things, since our gov'mint exists as much to further the interests of corporations as of individuals. When it's a Cheap-Labor Conservative gov'mint in charge, they exist more to further corporate interests than those of individuals.

Via Buzzflash, "A Chart of Bush Lies about Iraq."

It's amazing what people say if you put them under oath, isn't it?

As always, just go read Josh Marshall. The 9/11 report will reveal no link between Iraq and al-Qaida (told you so) and the gloves are coming off in the war between the White House and the CIA.

Jim over at Rittenhouse Review gave me a laugh. Reminds me of that line out of Charade where Audrey Hepburn tells Cary Grant that, "I already know an awful lot of people and until one of them dies, I couldn't possibly meet anyone new." (I love that movie.)

In another hmmm moment, I have to say that when the NYPost starts complaining about the Administration's policies, conservatives should be worried. Especially when it involves Rumsfeld refusing to allow the military to add up what it's spending because of privatization .

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