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July 22, 2003
And more

If our "real" reason for invading Iraq was "humanitarian" then we should be heading to Liberia next, right? Right? Because by anyone's standards, it's a war zone there and a humanitarian disaster

Meanwhile, on the home front, read Patriot Act abuses documented

Also, no matter how you slice it, Republicans seem to be bad for the economy, don't they?

I won't be crying to Hussein's horrible offspring if they're really dead. Not a tear.

This, on the other hand, strikes me as a crime. It's not that I care more for dolphins than humans (although in the case of Hussein and his sons....) but kidnapping members of a species known to be intelligent and flying them to an unfriendly, unnatural environment to turn them into entertainment spectacles? Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Looks like our elected representatives have been sent to their rooms without dinner. In August they'll get another chance to play nicely together on the subject of the pension bill.

Gary Hart smacks us all upside the chops and tells us to learn to play nice. He's quite right, of course. The level of public debate in this country is appalling.

Is there a Hidden Treasure of Democratic support?

Via Tom at Tbogg a link to a site I'd forgotten about. Jack Handey's Deep Thoughts.

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