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July 18, 2003

We complain, but they don't listen. They go right ahead with creating 1984, don't they?

Sometimes, though, technology claims are, well, they're just a lie.

The pre-rehearsal of this doesn't surprise me. McCain's a Republican, after all.

But I wonder about some of that re-fried pork.

Shakespeare? Okay, but MacBeth? Why MacBeth? Because it's one of the few of the plays that lacks substantial political and military discussion?

(And isn't a romance. I doubt the people in Iraq or wherever this will be performed will be in the mood for my personal favorite, Much Ado About Nothing.)

Republican governors look to private contractors to save money

Several Republican governors are studying ways to eliminate thousands of state jobs by turning the work over to private contractors, a strategy they say will save millions of tax dollars.

Under the plan, government operations would be more flexible because officials would hire contractors as needed and eliminate the jobs after the work is finished.

Okay, that's a good idea because the agencies targeted for cuts have only intermittent utility.

After all, we don't need "human resources, health care, road construction, computer management and prisons" all the time, do we?

Anyone foolish enough to believe that is probably not going to understand that 20,000 or so state citizens going on and off the dole as the state does, or doesn't have money in any one month is going to add dramatically to the job market's volatility as well as endangering economic growth, should we ever see any again.

There are issues of potential corruption already being raised and anyone who thinks nepotism won't happen is just silly.

It's a bad idea on so many levels.

Posted by AnneZook at 01:31 PM


"It's a bad idea on so many levels."

Which is why it makes it such a Republican thing to do. It has all the hallmarks: privatization, fucking over the masses, lack of consideration of long-term consequences... all it needs is a tax cut!

Posted by: Chris Nelson at August 14, 2003 09:19 PM