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July 18, 2003
Don't get me wrong

I approve of fighting terrorism, okay? If I'd had this blog before 9/11, you'd have heard me complaining endlessly about the USofA's indifference to acts of terrorism. (Historically this country is hard to motivate around deaths "over there.")

What I don't approve of is the way we're going about it. For instance, the fact that we're continuing our policy of getting into bed with tyrants and murderers because it's politically convenient for us at the moment.

(Stephen Schwartz is revealed, to no one's surprise, as a complete idiot. "[Karimov] boils opponents to death" the article says. But "[Stephen Schwartz] assures us that Karimov's sins are nothing to worry about -- just the growing pains that all "aspiring democracies" go through.") A complete idiot. A self-serving, short-sighted moron.)

And, speaking of scary historical parallels, read BJ today.

Take On the News takes on showing us how Bush handles being taken on by a reporter. (Answer: Not well.)

(Also? "These are bad people." 'Bad people'? What is he? Four? Or is he just avoiding saying, "men" because some of them are kids?)

Also, read Lisa at Ruminate This today.

(Also, Jim remains stubborn on the subject of comments. I think he's afraid Walter Cronkite will visit him, and I see his point. Still, lots of times I'd like to comment on what he says, but I'm not spamming someone's no-doubt already overflowing in-box with my drivel.)

Posted by AnneZook at 10:58 AM