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July 18, 2003
Memory Lane

Head over to Wampum for a brilliant dip into the Summer of '91.

As the page loads...the post-coital glow of a really good fight is fading and the cracks begin to show....

It's a pattern. The parallels are almost scary. Bush II's Administration is falling apart just like Daddy's did, post-Gulf I. Check the media stories, then and now.

Or, is it? The similarities in coverage give me more worries about the media than about the stories they're supposedly giving us.

Is this one of those times when we should be scrutinizing the media and not the men? Is this more a case of media post-war depression than of any actual problems being "revealed"?

The media was all over Gulf I, remember. And we all know by now that the fiction of Iraqi troops "massing" on the Saudi border, poised to leap across and commit wholesale mayhem, was, well...I guess you can get a speck in your eye when you're looking at those satellite photos, so we won't say, "a lie based on commercially available satellite photos taken at the same time that show an empty border" or anything rude like that. (I linked to it a million years ago and don't remember when or where I saw the story. I should put a "search" function on this stupid blog, shouldn't I?)

Nor will we bring up over 200,000 Kurds massacred by the "monster Hussein" after the "heroic USofA" encouraged said Kurds to rebel and then left them sitting there holding their...well, that's vulgar, so we won't finish it, but you know what I mean.

Anyhow. My point, not to get all sidetracked and stuff, is that the revelation of this pattern in coverage could be because both Administration's were/are venal. Or it could be that we're learning something valuable about the media.

(Also. Here's a Friday hee-hee.)

Posted by AnneZook at 10:25 AM