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July 18, 2003
Remind me again

What country are we living in? Who's in charge. Is it that Stalin guy? Because sometimes it seems that way. (via Chris Nelson.)

I think the next step is pretty clear, isn't it?

Go to the article.

Copy it into Word or your favorite word processing program.

Reformat the headline so that it's HUGE and maybe a seditious color of red. I recommend Garamond typeface and a beigy, newslettery color of paper. And crease it a lot, so it looks like it's been smuggled passed from hand to hand and hidden at times.

Now read it in public. Every day for, let's say, a week.

It will piss off the fibbies, but if they have time to track down every report of someone reading in public, they obviously have too much time on their hands anyhow.

The next step, obviously, is going to be getting Ashcroft fired. If it does nothing else, that might put a stop to those distasteful commercials advising us, in solemn words, that we're all a part of keeping our country safe and we should visit the website to see what we can do.

Let's disband that Orwellian sounding Homeland Security mess, okay?

I never liked the sound of it, I don't like the way it's organized, it's accomplishing nothing but endangering our liberty, and it's sucking down money that could be used for things that would actually make us safer.

(The weird thing is that, aside from hiring a nut to run the place, this Fatherland Spook Parade is the only bad thing we can't actually blame on Bush. He fought the idea tooth and nail until, seeing that it was going to be created whether he liked it or not, he stood up and announced he'd decided to create it. )

(Don't get all carried away with the idea that he was smart enough to see how it would turn out, okay? It's just that, knowing he was going to be in a rough fight to dismantle huge sections of the federal government, he didn't want to have to find funding for a huge, expensive, new department.

Posted by AnneZook at 09:58 AM