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July 17, 2003
An abundance of idiots

I'd say we need to organize another protest, but this one is going to have to be driven mostly by the guys. I mean, if any of you women watch EPSN or football, feel free to chime in, but it's the actual audience that needs to protest.

What connections Limbaugh has made between people of color and sports are dubious at best. When a Mexican won the New York marathon, Limbaugh said, ''An immigration agent chased him the last 10 miles.''
Let's hope his television presence goes the way of that other guy's...what was his name? You know, short-lived television presence, summarily fired for on-air bigotry and hate-mongering? Amazing how these people fade from the public mind once they've gotten what's coming to them, isn't it? Amazing and delightful.

Let's hope that six weeks or less after Limbaugh makes his debut, he finds himself suffering the slings and arrows of the public's amnesia.

Limbaugh's popularity is symbolic of a United States that still quietly buys into his stereotypes.
I believe this. I'm ashamed of those people, but I believe it. While we're all shaking our heads over the tangled history of tribal and national conflicts in the Middle East, let's not forget that we have in our midst here in the USofA, people who would gladly grab the nearest gun and turn this country into a battleground on the same, "they aren't like me" grounds.
He remains popular because other than a compilation of many of the above quotes in the mid 1990s by the group Fairness and Accuracy and Reporting, or FAIR, the media treat him as more friend than foe.
One more black mark against the media, if it's true. But do they treat him as a friend or are they, wisely, ignoring him in the national media; refusing to give him the free publicity that coverage of his bigotry and small-minded hatemongering would produce?

I think I said before that when Savage went down, approximately 70 percent of more of the people I discussed the subject with (both conservative and liberal) had never heard of the guy. And 99 percent of those who knew of him or had his words quoted to them were disgusted and appalled.

(The one person who wasn't is...well, let's just say that this person exemplifies, to me, my concept of a freeper. Knee-jerk reaction to the name of Clinton with the requisite foaming at the mouth and references to satan, mindless support of the right-wing of the right-wing of the Republican agenda, inability to cite facts to support opinions, red-eyed hostility when his statements are challenged or proven wrong, convinced that there is, indeed, a vast liberal conspiracy to take over the media, equates name-calling with political debate and all the rest of it. He'd be scary if he weren't so stupid. Maybe he's scary anyhow, you know? Even an idiot can pull a trigger. Or the lever in a voting booth.)

Surprise, surprise.

We're fighting a guerrilla war in Iraq. Yes, in spite of Fly-Boy's drama-free landing on an aircraft carrier, the war didn't end. I'll bet Rove fires someone for failing to match his script. (

Or...is it all an insidious plan to make it look as though we're in a quagmire in Iraq and do they plan to abandon the country to its fate and triumphantly bring the troops home just in time for the 2004 election? After all, if they can get Bush back into the White House, they can always deploy the soldiers again after November...or delay their returns and then cancel them.)

Bah. The heck with them. I'm going back to work.

Posted by AnneZook at 09:10 AM