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July 15, 2003
Lunch Break!

Gabriel, over at A Berkeley Economist is saying what I've been saying all along. The Administration is about to get its war on in a new zone. In the same way they used Iraq to distract us from Afghanistan, he thinks they're planning to use North Korea to distract us from Iraq. Or is it Syria? Or Iran? Don't anyone say this Administration doesn't know how to keep the mystery alive in a relationship.

When liberals ask me why I'm not against the death penalty, I point to stories like this one. (Except that the evil, revenge-seeking portion of my brain points out that death, horrible as it is, ends things. Someone who lives and suffers...now that's what I want for someone like this. (Down, Evil Portion! Down!)

Heh. Via Ampersand, it's another one of those things I've been saying for months.

Everything Avedon Carol says today is worth reading.

If you think Election 2000 is history, you're quite wrong. I'm happy to see it.

Unfortunately, that's as far as I got down the old blogroll today. (The 'A'? Thatís so pathetic.)

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