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July 09, 2003
Random Headlines

Okay, looks like we're still making friends and influencing people when we send Bush overseas. This time we've influenced the residents of Senegal, none of whom ever want to have a USofA president visit again. Seems that while Bush was giving his sound bite-worthy speech about the horrors of slavery, the residents of the island were...you guess it, locked up somewhere else on the island so they couldn't throw off the mask and reveal their sekrit identities as international terrorists armed with biochemical weapons and nukes.

Oh, wait. That was some other country, wasn't it? All these people have in the way of weapons are some bitter remarks.

Well, maybe the security guys were afraid they'd blow a raspberry and ruin the sound on the take.

Salon has a heartbreaking story on the situation in the Congo but in all fairness I'd like to point out that it's not just the Bush Administration ignoring this one. The U.N. and all its members have failed to take decisive action on this matter for years.

But what's the story behind this? A spycatcher resigns and thirty seconds later there's a $25M bounty on Hussein's head?

I know Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory (Look! We're an empire!), but does that give us the right to ride roughshod over their Constitution? (Yep, it's Ashcroft In Action again.)

Tax cuts have already proven that Republicans are not longer the party of "fiscal responsibility" and now we have proof they're not really about small government, either.

There are some very interesting details of the PEW Research Center's latest poll available. For instance, in mid-April, 61 percent of those polled thought the war in Iraq was going "very well" but today only 23 percent say so.
In mid-April, 93 percent of those polled thought the war was going "very well" or "fairly well." Today, those two questions get a combined 75 percent. I'm just saying. If the man's approval ratings continue to tank at this rate, the Republicans won't even nominate him for '04.

(The poll also states that, at this moment, 42 percent of Democrats say they'd vote for Gore in '04. Well, why not? He's a viable candidate. I mean, he won last time, didn't he?)

FWIW, I finished The Vanishing Voter not long ago and plan to bore you all with a review one day soon. I'm working on The Emerging Democratic Majority now.

I have a few other thoughts to share today but first there will be a brief intermission while I pay attention to my paying job.

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