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July 03, 2003
Here we go again

The right-wing nuts must be foaming at the mouth if they've read Condaleeza Rice's praise of Clinton's foreign policy.

When the Bush administration took office, it pursued a foreign policy that seemed to many diplomats as simple as ABC - Anything But Clinton.

But 30 months later, revisionism appears to have set in. Ms Condoleezza Rice, President George W. Bush's national security adviser, has praised Mr Clinton.

Speaking to the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London on Thursday, Ms Rice lauded the former president for his efforts to broker a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians at Camp David.

She said: 'President Clinton did a great service to the world in trying to make this work at Camp David. Everybody in our administration admires what he did and admired it at the time.'

(Sure, she goes on to say the pact had flaws, but we've never yet drawn up foreign policy legislation that didn't and if someone's gonna do it, they're gonna do it no matter what promises they've made.)

I know some of those people, the ones who foam at the mouth and turn green and purple when Clinton's name is mentioned. Maybe I should entertain myself by making sure they all see this?

(Thanks to Kevin Drum. Speech transcipt here and the Clinton remarks, made during a Q&A, after the official speech, here.

Except that...reading the actual remarks? I find this:

The President has always felt it was his responsibility to speak the truth to the parties. And to to speak the truth based on principle to the parties when we first came into office and the President first looked to the lay of the land in the Middle East we saw a circumstance in which the failure of Camp David to come to fruition and by the way let me be very clear President Clinton did a great service to the world in trying to make this work in Camp David and everyone in our Administration admires what he did and admired at the time what he was doing but it did not work and in fact Yassir Arafat and the Palestinian Authority re-launched the Intifada that caused a crisis of confidence throughout the region, but most especially in Israel.
(Thanks to the comments section at Kevin Drum's blog.)

So, once again, we see it's actually the media, quoting out of context and trying to start a fight.

You just can't trust those guys, can you?

Posted by AnneZook at 11:27 AM