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July 03, 2003
Build it and they will...rebel?

The Financial Times offers a calm assessment of our performance in Iraq so far and suggests that we should just go ahead and create a "colonial office" to deal with the trials and tribulations of our new possessions um victims errr conquests well, let's call them "new friends."

The lack of preparation is astounding not only because the Iraq invasion had been long foreseen but also because America and its allies have run so many similar nation-building exercises in recent years: Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, East Timor, Kosovo, Afghanistan. Yet there has been little attempt to apply the lessons of those places in Iraq.
And, as others have pointed out, we've sucked every time we've tried it. Personally, I think the Administration's disdain for "nation-building" is rooted more in how bad we are at it than in any feeling that we're superior to that sort of behavior. Anyhow. We should listen to them. There aren't many countries who know more about nation-building managing colonial territories than the Brits.

For those who haven't looked recently, the cost of our invasion of Iraq is at $69,894,001,052...109...153...mounts up too fast, I can't keep up.

Remember that story about how the Land of Lobbyists, Washington's K Street, is increasingly owned by the Republican Party? Looks like we have independent confirmation of that.

Departing from past practice, some lobbyists say they are withholding contributions to House Texas Democrats until the state’s congressional redistricting fight is resolved.
I'm thinking these guys don't have much of a hope of being re-elected if redistricting goes through, so they're damned if they do, damned if they don't. Under those circumstances, let's hope they stand fast. (Not that there's much they can do besides raise a stink.)

For those looking for something to read that will make them think, go here and contemplate the Magna Carta's influence on modern society.

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