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July 03, 2003
Some stuff, some more stuff, then some smiling

The most important thing to learn today might be that the media is not a reliable filter for news and information. (Okay, most of us knew that, but it's important to remember as you consider who you want to back among the Democratic contenders.)

Well, looks like it's good news! The unemployment picture has improved! Hah. In contrast to May, where revised numbers tell us we lost 70,000 jobs, we lost only 30,000 last month. Until they revise June numbers, of course. May's numbers were originally "estimated" at 17,000. That's a hell of a correction, isn't it?

That's 394,000 jobs this year and over 2.5 million since you-know-who took office. Unemployment is, in fact, at a 9-year high, meaning that we're back where we were when the first Bush president, following in Reagan's footsteps, finished Republicanizing the economy. (When they tell you it's all Clinton's fault, don't believe them. The economic downturn officially started under this Administration.

Do you know who Lyman Faris is? Do you know that his real name was Mohammed Rauf? Do you know that he's a USofA citizen deprived of due process by your government? Do you know that he was arrested, charged, tried, and convicted in secret and that we don't know where he is or what his sentence was?

Secrecy is rife in the government these days and, it appears, nowhere more so than at Homeland Security, who manages to break the law quite blatantly in their quest for McCarthyite concealment. (It would appear that even the name of their press secretary is considered confidential information. These are your tax dollars at work, people!)

Urban surveillance is the big story now. I want to know what psychopath invented this one. And I want to go on record as saying that I don't care for this emphasis on toys to make it easier for us to making war in cities overseas. Who else are we planning to attack? (The domestic applications of such technology are equally distasteful.)

The more I read, the more I think Halliburton might, in fact, be the corporate/conglomerate symbol of all things evil. Especially when it come to sucking at the government trough.

And, speaking of the government, I'm probably the only person left who hasn't linked to the US takes its toys and stomps off home story of how the Administration is "punishing" those who abide by international law and think we should, too. Could we be acting any more childishly?

And, speaking of childish, the redistricting story is not, as I feared, a dead issue. In fact, the Washington Post has an interesting article about how frequent, almost constant redistricting could become the new order of business. The Republicans are always opening these cans o'worms and then screaming for mommy when things backfire, so be prepared to hear a lot of Republican weeping and wailing when the balance changes and things get districted against them.

Inside Afghanistan, The warlords are reaping the spoils as many of us have been saying for months, while the Afghans await the promised aid.

Also, to no one's surprised, George Bush is revealed as an ignorant jackass.

"America has never been an empire," George W. Bush said in the 2000 presidential campaign. "We may be the only great power in history that had the chance and refused, preferring greatness to power and justice to glory."
That's just semantics, buddy. We own or control territories all over the world and we're currently trying to use our pocketbooks to whip everyone else into line. (I don't know why, but in the context of recent events, that just pissed me off. And, happily enough, it pissed off Kal, the reporter, too. A brief history of the USofA's empire building is provided.)

Sheesh. I mean, I know I make jokes about it. Most of us make jokes about it. But they're starting to research the subject and it is, in fact, starting to look as though rabidly homophobic men are, in fact, hiding their sexual attraction to their own gender. (Via Digby.)

A smile or two

Whoever is behind Samizdata has built a blog glossary.

Not even the freepers are comfortable with Bush's bring 'em on speech inviting terrorists to come after coalition troops. (Personally, I think a man who begged, borrowed, and hid to avoid the possibility of having to face the enemy should be a little more careful about the rhetoric he uses.)

And this is sad. We don't have cricket here, baseball is as close as we come, but if we did, I'd support it. Cricket is a totally cool game.

For those of you in the USofA (or those who just like to dink around on your computers), go here and click your little hearts out.

Have a safe and happy Fourth!

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