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June 27, 2003

Okay. Links! I don't do this often enough.

Read Gabriel's response to an RNC call for money.

Read Gabriel on Judy Miller intimidating our soldiers and ask yourself, as I did, just exactly how tough these guys are if one woman intimidated the lot of them. (Or maybe I should be cheering "girl power" in action?)

Read ampersand on how the darned media is still telling lies and ask yourself if following the political scene wouldn't just be a whole lot easier if our primary sources of information were less idiotic. (And it's not just the mainstream media. Buzzflash has a headline that reads, "Jerry Falwell Appears Very, Very Threatened by Homosexuality, As Does His GOOD Buddy Antonin Scalia" but the article itself, the text of a letter supposedly sent out by Falwell, is just the usual "support traditional marriage" idiocy and there's nothing to suggest or support Buzzflash's suggestive headline. Of course, to be fair, I've never heard anyone reference Buzzflash as a model of objectivity or calm, rationality.)

Read archy about withholding judgement on the lastest WMD "find" until all of the facts are in.

Read Avedon Carol comparing political lies. I'm not sure I'm convinced, but there's food for thought.

(Okay, maybe I got a little paranoid in my previous entry. Reading this, courtesy of Betaland Voice makes me promise myself, once again, that I'll stop posting entries when I'm mad.)

Jeanne over at Body and Soul was discussing favorite children's books and I'm trying to decide if it would be egotistical to write the long, passionate rant that inspired on the marvels of kid lit and send it to her?

Kevin is interesting (well, he always is) on the subject of the divide between the Republican party and scientists.

Via Chris we find that missiles found by our search teams in Iraq were sold to Iraq by...us!

Jeff Cooper on the Supreme Court is a good read.

Curtiss mentions me! But, flattering as that is, this about the Federal Reserve is more important to read.

Emma says support Kucinich but I had a problem with that anti-abortion thing except that now I read on his site that he's changed his mind and now supports a woman's right to choose. In addition, he says:

I want to work to make abortions less necessary, which means sex education and birth control. I want to work to make sure that, when life is brought forward, we have prenatal care and postnatal care and childcare and universal health care and a living wage.
I can support that.

Emma says that there's nothing to lose by supporting him at this early date, but I'm already signed up to check out the local Dean supporters, so am I being just too weird if I also support Kucinich at this early date or should I choose between them?

Someone help me with this dilemma, okay?

From Steve Perry we learn what they mean when they say it's hot in Iraq.

Dwight has an interesting conversation about forced vaccinations of infants going.

(Oh, and Elayne has gone off to a convention, so she's not blogging politics right now, but she's always mentioning me in her blog and I wanted to return the favor.)

Other Stuff

Hey, I didn't know that Eric Alterman and Mark Crispin Miller were having a fight!

The U.K. Independent has discovered moveon.org (as many other media outlets suddenly did when the Primary was announced. Which reminds me that I must pop on over and see how things turned out.)

Mercenaries think they can end the war in the Congo, and they will. For enough money. (I wish I could find the article I read that explained that the last time a mercenary organization was hired for a job like this, they went in and killed enough people to impose a fragile peace that fell apart they second they left the area. Peace, like democracy, can only be imposed at the point of a gun for as long as you're willing to keep standing there with the gun.)

And presumably I don't have to tell you that you should already have read everything on the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists site?

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