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June 27, 2003
War On the Home Front

Okay, so we're planning to, "go it alone" if no on else will join us in enforcing our demands on Iran and North Korea? Sigh. Where have we heard this recently?

No, I don't want Iran, or anyone else, developing nukes, but this Middle-East thing is just a nightmare.

It's like...things were a little tricky in Afghanistan so we invaded Iraq and everyone forgot about the first problem (and continues to do so) and now things aren't going well in Iraq so we're threatening to take on Iran, North Korea, or both?

(To be fair, there are those arguing that what's really happening is that all of these previously troublesome nations are now falling all over themselves to make friends with us and each other. It's a bit of wishful thinking to term the Dems as "irrelevant" but pundits get smug when they think they're being proven right.)

Right-wing pundits ignore or deny it and Congress is going the "secret hearings" route, but I think a serious, fully public investigation of whether or not we were lied to is a critical issue.

Lying matters.

I'm frustrated that a partisan and bloodthirsty Congress went after Clinton for everything but his choice of breakfast toast but there's no way for us to get even half that scrutiny on the Bush Administration.

This bunch is leading us, not down the primrose path of illicit sex, but into war and death. You'd think even the most partisan Republican would be able to grasp that matters of life and death should be aired publicly, but no, we get Rove and a bunch of psychos in the Republican leadership using lies and misdirections and raising money by the truckload from enthusiastic corporations.

Last January, in his State of the Union Address, President Bush told the American people that Iraq had recently tried to purchase uranium from Niger. Later, of course, we discovered that the documents in question were forgeries — a low-budget hoax that the head of International Atomic Energy Agency’s Iraq inspections unit, Jacques Baute, was able to debunk with a few quick Google searches.

So when did the White House discover they were fakes?

On June 8th, Condi Rice conceded that the documents were fraudulent but told Tim Russert that the White House hadn’t known before the speech. “Maybe someone knew down in the bowels of the Agency [i.e., the CIA], but no one in our circles knew that there were doubts and suspicions that this might be a forgery.”

I'm just saying, okay? The Republicans would have amended the Constitution if they had to, in order to be allowed to impeach Clinton for something this serious. They'd have amended the Constitution to allow them to put the man in front of a firing squad for this.

From Bush they find it hunky-dory, and that's because the Republican leadership has told them to find it hunky-dory.

And that's what's scariest about the current Administration and their Party.

It's not just the damage they're doing to our country, okay? It's the aura of lockstep groupthink that surrounds the party leadership right now. If they had their way, we'd be faced with a Stepford Congress and people protesting against this Administration's actions would, in fact, be chargeable with "aid and comfort to the enemy" if not outright treason.

Anyone think Coulter's apology for McCarthy being published right about now is a coincidence?

Let me tell you something. We've already taken, with very little protest, one thing we swore would never happen again in our country.

In fact, we've accepted worse, because at least when we interred the Japanese in camps around the country, they were out there, in the open, where we would see what was happening. In some camps there was even a significant amount of interaction between the detainees and the townspeople.

Today people get swept off the street and held in secret at undisclosed locations for an undetermined amount of time because of secret charges against them.

I just cannot understand how people can fail to be afraid of how far we've fallen or fail to see what a slippery slope we have our feet on.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:06 AM