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June 25, 2003

Where's the outcry over this situation?

Also, where's the outcry over us crossing the Syrian border and taking five Syrian border guards prisoner? Presumably the "coalition" soldiers were unaware that they'd crossed the border, but why are we still holding those men?

And nothing excuses Rumsfeld saying, as I heard him say on the radio last night, that he thought it was "no one's business" that these five Syrians hadn't been released, "in five minutes, two days, or five days." Considering that crossing a country's border and taking some of its citizens prisoner is an act of war by anyone's standards, I think Rumsfeld is just a tiny bit wrong about that, okay?

I don't fault the soldiers (well, not until we hear the entire story) for what happened, but I sure as heck fault Rumsfeld and his ilk for their stonewalling.

Posted by AnneZook at 09:07 AM