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June 24, 2003

How timely the media can be sometimes! Hee. Hee. Today, the NYTimes is offering an article on .gov websites! Although their article is more worth reading than the sites I linked to, since they're pointing out that the most important single piece of information you need to know about a politician, that being their voting record, doesn't seem to show up on most websites.

I do not believe there is a secret group of powerful fanatics really in charge of our government. I do not believe it. I wish people wouldn't make convincing cases for the opposite being true.

(BTW, I do not get the conspiracy-theory stories about Bush having known 9/11 was going to happen, okay? About the only thing I've heard for evidence so far is how he kept sitting in the classroom, reading to kids, after being told of the plane crashes.

The man's an idiot, okay? If no one told him he should be doing something else, he'd just keep doing what he was doing. I can't believe anyone finds this hard to comprehend.)

(I take it back. One person whose employment keeps them at an airport assures me that even before 9/11 there were hijacking security measures in place, which I believe.

The same person also assured me that scrambling jets to intercept a plane more than 3 miles from its flight path is SOP and yet that was not done on 9/11.

While that's convincing, on the face of it, it also suggests a vast conspiracy, since every control tower involved or even in the area would have had to have been full of conspirators in order to prevent the jets from being called.

It also suggests that, in case a call was placed, the receiving military base (or whoever they called) was staffed by more conspirators to insure that the wrong person didn't receive or overhear the call and take inappropriate action to save lives.

This is just absurd, okay? Completely ridiculous.

Bush is an idiot. No one told him it was a terrorist attack, Cheney was elsewhere, taking care of business, and Bush just stayed where he was. Until, of course, he was scuttled frantically around the country, fleeing madly from potential remaining terrorists.)

(Bush is an idiot. Would you make him a part of any such pinpoint precision conspiracy, even if one existed?)

I'm in a weird mood today.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:19 AM