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June 24, 2003

What do you know? Here's someone else cataloguing the list of Administration lies for us.

Good grief. Am I the only one getting disgusted by this Administration's blatant and clumsy efforts at manipulating us? (No, I know, of course I'm not.)

But, as if their attempts to disguise their assault on the environment by calling their protection-dismantling legislation "clear skies" or whatever Madison Avenue-inspired propaganda they called it wasn't gag-inducing enough, they seem now to be calling their Tax Relief For the Rich and Corporate legislation the "All-American Tax Relief Act."

These people are scary. Do they really think, in this day and age, people are this simple-minded? Or is it just that they know their extremist voter base and are pandering to it?

I'm just glad the press hasn't been helping them spread this piece of propaganda, that's all.

(By the way, why is there a "gop.gov" site, but no similar site for the Dems? I haven't been able to find one at all.

And, in fact, I find the fact that the Republicans have a .gov domain rather inappropriate. They're a for-profit, corporate entity and not a department of the government, okay?

And what is this "house.gov" domain, anyhow? Am I the only one who sees that big advertisement, front and center of the page for gop.gov as highlyt inappropriate?

Am I the only one who thinks this site could win an award for being the ugliest site on the net?

These are clearly not proper government sites, okay? What particular internet police do we call to turn them in?)

Posted by AnneZook at 09:51 AM