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June 18, 2003

The story of Michael Weiner's (aka Michael Savage) adolescence couldn't be more predictable, or more boring. Pimpled, insecure kid parlays foul mouth into career. Ho hum.

Redistricting in Texas is not a dead issue. Redistricting and enhanced power for the governor of the state are alive and well. Looks like the "Killer Ds" may have to run for it again. Other legislators and staff members are getting antsy to get it done so they can go on vacation.

When one reporter said the governor's inaction was making it difficult for lawmakers, legislative staff and journalists to plan their summer vacations, Perry replied:

"There may be some folks who believe Ardmore would be an appropriate vacation spot."

Maybe they were emboldened by the findings of the Homeland Security Department that the Homeland Security Department did nothing wrong in using its power to help Texas Republicans try to track down and arrest Texas Democrats.

(I don't advise them to come to Colorado. Our legislature already took this one and, to no one's surprise, put it through in Colorado. Sadly, I didn't hear much protesting here.

Fortunately, Josh Marshall is publicizing the activity in Texas. Maybe he can get some publicity for it.

Posted by AnneZook at 11:00 AM