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June 18, 2003
Just an interval

I didn't say no link-based blogging. I just said, "not much."

It's painful to see open racism appearing in our society. That's because it's not "appearing," it's just being revealed. This wasn't caused by 9/11 or anything that's happened since. There are people whose inner beliefs have probably always been racist but before now they never felt free to express them.

You have to read the news carefully. Why, for instance, in a "predominantly black community" is the police force, "mostly white" and would a police force more reflective of the community it's supposed to serve have avoiding the riots rocking this town? I'm sure there's more to the story than we're seeing, but how do we get it?

You have to read very carefully. We've all heard how the demons in Florida removed the names of tens of thousands of non-white voters from the rolls before Election 2000. The inference is always clear that they were removing voters likely to vote for Gore. But, as I've seen in books I've read, but I haven't seen anyone on the Left discussing, just over half(scroll down) of the 90,000 names removed were those of non-white citizens. Since this same story points out that 97 percent of the removed voters were removed in error, why don't I hear anyone on the Left screaming about the disenfranchisement of the white voters?

Thank goodness a court is at least considering whether or not the overseas human rights abuses of Unocal can be prosecuted under US law.

And speaking of alternative fuels, not that we were, how cool is this? Underwater turbines to generate electricity from the tide.

Drilling for oil doesn't necessarily mean the poor people of the region will reap any benefits, it seems. Of course, there are a few people in the Middle East who could already have testified to the fact that living atop huge oil reserves doesn't guarantee prosperity.

I wonder how a Boeing 727 can have been missing for over three weeks, with no major press coverage? I guess we don't care that much about what happens in Africa. (And, as the article points out, it could have been grabbed by a creditor or something.)

We're finding things in Iraq, but I think the Brits are doing a better job of being an occupying power. (Of course, they have a lot more practice at it.)

I figured this would happen. Again. Some authors/corporate buyers are tolerant of fans and some aren't.

(It's amusing to see the reference to fanfiction being a genre that's flourished in the "past few years". "Fan-fiction creators say their work represents the emergence of an art form that takes advantage of all that the Internet was built for. " To my sure and certain knowledge, fanfiction has been around since the early 70s and has done nothing but "flourish" since it first appeared.

"Fan fiction has existed for decades but primarily as a fringe hobby among friends who passed along typed or handwritten manuscripts to one another." Presumably while they were failing to do any other decent research, they failed to uncover the many thousands of printed and bound fanzines that have been published.

And fanfiction.net as the "granddaddy" of fanfiction sites? Don't make me laugh.)

And color me clueless, but I don't understand why, of all the things that are being downloaded on the net, music is being made such a huge deal of.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:25 AM