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June 17, 2003
Sorry about this

There's not likely to be a lot of link-based blogging this week.

I'm thinking about '04, okay? I'm thinking about the way the political parties have let us down, how the media has gone alone with the process for whatever reason, and wondering when morality became so situational in the Federal Government.

Much as I dislike the current Administration, this didn't start with them. Many of us have been yelling for months about our government's previous ties with Hussein, some of us have screamed about the quality of "leadership" that was installed in Afghanistan, and many of us have shouted again and again that, if it's murdering, torturing repressive regimes Bush&Co. is after, there are ones worse than Hussein all over the globe.

It's more than just a change back to sane leadership, welcome as that would be. We need to dream big, and work toward a country where encouraging and supporting murderers would be impossible.

If this is how a "compassionate conservative" Republican behaves, I don't ever want to see the actions of one who acknowledges himself as an extremist.

Posted by AnneZook at 01:59 PM