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June 16, 2003
What's up with that?

I took my usual tour of news sites this morning and found nothing that inspired me to whine, bitch, moan, or complain. Not that the universe has somehow realigned to suit my interior notions of utopia or anything. It's just that nothing jumped off the page at me.

I see surprisingly little discussion in blogdom of Dean's increasing pro-death penalty stance. (Too lazy to go find the link.) Surprises me.

I still haven't decided between Dean and Kucinich (I have to look up that spelling every time I want to discuss him).

From a friend:

There were twelve fires started in our neighborhood last night.

The fire marshal blames us for taking our newsprint and cardboard out
before recycling day. I know, you think the blame maybe belonged with the
psychotic firebugs who went on a spree, but no.

Just for the record, this was in Canada. Lest anyone think that it's only in the USofA that insanity is beginning to rule.

I have a six page rant I could be working on. (I can't decide whether to post it all at once so you only have to skip one post, or to break it up so you can skip a lot of posts.)

For reasons I don't understand, my sexy new BloggerPro interface keeps "refreshing" itself. I must be hitting some command I'm unaware of.)

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