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June 15, 2003
Other Headlines I felt like

Other Headlines

I felt like surfing today while I drank my morning coffee.

Over at ABC News you can read about Dean's upcoming television ad campaign, the one designed to set him apart from other Democratic candidates.

They've also, oddly enough, attached a separate article about Braun at the bottom of the Dean one.

Changes are afoot in the way post-9/11 detainees are going to be handled. (It's about time.)

You might have gathered by now that I'm something of a conspiracy buff. I don't believe the world is run by secret cabals of the high and mighty, but, at a judicious arms' length, I find these things entertaining to read about. That said, the "Family" group in D.C. does worry me slightly. It worries others as well.

I wasn't originally all that interested in the Franken-O'Reilly thing, but I might give Franken's book a try after reading this.

How nice we brought freedom and democracy to Iraq. What a pity it's come with religious extremism that's already intimidating women into re-veiling. Actually, more than re-veiling. Some women, such as Christians, who have never worn a veil are being frightened into wearing one.

Since many others have already linked to it, I assume you've all read Krugman's "Some Crazy Guy" column on the Dangers of DeLay, by now? (Does it make you wonder if DeLay is a member of the "Family" mentioned above?)

Looks like it's not just the USofA building off-shore detainment camps excuse me, "processing centers, for non-nationals. In the UK, they say they'll use theirs for asylum seekers>

I know I'm not the only one who thinks Rumsfeld does us more harm than good every time he opens his mouth.

It may not have made all of the headlines, but France and Germany weren't the only European countries who strongly opposed the invasion of Iraq. And they aren't the only ones suffering some fallout either, although I know the "war crimes" definitions themselves have frightened more than a few USofA officials.

Well, knock me over with a feather. Looks like at least part of the world has finally find the cojones to stand up to Castro. I wonder how this one will pan out?

The WSJ OpinionJournal struggles mightily to explain why a Republican judicial filibuster isn't the same as a Democratic one. (In an earlier entry, they tried to make it seem like religious bigotry.)

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