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June 14, 2003
Hee Hee

Who says politicians aren't responsive? The Blogosphere's (Lefty) Candidate of Choice has weighed in with the Obligatory Candidate Bio. We assume further updates on the status of said campaign won't be far behind.


We will be ignoring that reference to 'petulance' in the egotistical assumption that it must have been ten other blogs and not ours to which the gentleman from Pennsylvania was referring.

A Member Of the Voting Public
(Although not Pennsylvanian)

(I rather enjoy referring to myself in the plural or, indeed, in the third person. It has a sort of Letter to the Times flavour about it. It's one of the great regrets of my life that no similar tradition exists in the USofA.

Sure, you can write a Letter to the Editor but it lacks the panache, which might be spelled or punctuated incorrectly, that the Times correspondence history offers. A bookstore here in the USofA keeps sending me catalogues and I'm frequently tempted by a book that consists of a sampling of the collected querelous and/or indignant missives penned to the Times over the years.

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