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June 14, 2003

Okay, Blogger has a sexy new interface for me to work in, which is nice. There's blue on the screen and it has the BloggerPro logo because people like me might forget what software they're working in. Also, links to the things I like to do have moved around. I don't like change. Heh. Okay, I like change, but I like change for the better. I'll reserve judgement on the functionality improvements and just mention in passing that I disapprove of "improvements" that eat up the amount of real estate available to me to dink around in.

It's reported to be faster and less buggy than the old one, which is excellent, but I now find that I object to receiving "BIG POST ERROR" messages on my page, okay?

I know I'm wordy and I babble on and on, but sheesh. I can't be the only blow-hard on the system?

(Don't tell me to move off of Blogger, okay? For a trivial sum of money, they provide me with this nifty space in which to rant. I don't know how to make a domain and get it set up somewhere else, okay? I don't know how. I'm also unwilling to wind up constantly fighting techncial problems, which seems to happen to some bloggers when they get their own worlds. I'm not technical. I'm not incapable of learning, but I have a limited amount of time to mess around on-line and if I spend that time dinking with technical problems, then I'm not blowing off steam writing erudite posts, now am I?)

I'll write almost anything in a test post to preview blog changes, won't I? Anyhow, a few new links added, most of which should have been added long ago. (And thanks to Jim for the nudge, although he's not off the hook for election/campaign news.)

Posted by AnneZook at 10:11 AM