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June 13, 2003
Browsing Around the Blogosphere

I don't often just link to other blogs. Not often enough. There's some good discussion out there and good links being offered.

For instance, I didn't make Capozzola's list of favorite female bloggers but I forgive him for the pleasure of finding so many great new blogs I can go read.

A few of these blogs are already on my list, but I'm bookmarking the rest of them to give them a regular read for a while. (I'm also embarrassed to see how many of the ones I actually visit daily aren't yet listed on my blogroll. I need to do some housekeeping.)

I don't think Jim's reputed to be psychic, so I doubt that my exclusion is in any way related to my intention today of posting a huffy entry about how if he's going to run for office in Pennsylvania, he should give us the occasional update on the topic.

There's no reason not to take him to task, right? I mean, what's he doing about the campaign? Did he change his mind? Is he going ahead with it? Does anyone know?

With Spectre claiming he doesn't know if he'll vote against the latest Bush nominee, the one who thinks we've gone too far with separation of church and state and who considers Roe a near-satanic blot on the purity of American values, times could be ripe for a liberal in Pennsylvania. What's going on with Jim?


Elsewhere, Mathew Yglesias points us to a story where, "Jed Babbin explains that unless you vote for George W. Bush in 2004, the terrorists have won. The mind, as it so often does, boggles.

Posted by AnneZook at 12:42 PM