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June 12, 2003
Guantanamo Bay

I'm just saying, okay? Treatment of prisoners that really was, "humane" and "legal" by USofA perceptions wouldn't have needed the qualifier that it was "justified."

You might think it's just semantics, but I believe what people say is an important clue to what they're thinking.


Sanchez said she has been told by Pentagon sources that it may be a year before prosecutions begin. She said she also asked at Guantanamo about information she had heard that there was not enough evidence to prosecute a majority of the prisoners, many of whom are likely to be detained for a long time.
"They didn't agree or disagree with my statement," she said, adding that they said they were examining many of the detainees for possible prosecution.
Whether or not these delayed prosecutions are "technically" legal because the prisoner of war camp isn't on USofA soil is beside the point.

Morally this is neither humane nor justified. I'm also very dissatisfied by this Administration's perception that they're not bound by our constitution unless they're on USofA soil. "Freedom and justice for all" seems pretty absolute to me.

Posted by AnneZook at 02:59 PM