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June 12, 2003
The Media

Here's a target or two for Limbaugh's boycott of all things French.

And the media is questioning whether or not it was just a tad bit na´ve in accepting the Administration's word on WMD and in discounting or ignoring the objections of diplomats and U.N. inspectors.

Indeed, many episodes of pre-war maneuvering, such as Colin Powell's crucial presentation to the U.N. General Assembly, should have prompted more skepticism from editors and reporters.
You think?
Instead, most papers declared or strongly suggested that Powell had succcessfully [sic] "made the case" for an invasion. Only later did we discover that much of Powell's evidence was thin or even fabricated. Bush's rigid press conference restrictions brought almost no complaints from a press corps that should always probe deeper prior to a war.
I'm a little puzzled how the national media, with all of its resources, could have failed to connect the U.N. led destruction of weapons and weapons' materials in the 90s with the U.N's continuing insistence that they were finding nothing in the scant months they were given to resume inspections.
Martin Baron, editor of The Boston Globe, said newspapers cannot make the federal government disclose more than it wants to.
No, you can't, Martin. But if you publish factual stories showing the thinness of the government's position on something, you can count on us, the people, to exercise our constitutional rights and demand disclosure. Your problem is that you think you and the government are all that really matters.

And take a moment to mourning the passing of David Brinkley.

Posted by AnneZook at 09:23 AM