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June 11, 2003
Dam News

Remember when I told you they were building a huge sewer dam in China and that it was going to be a disaster? It's about to become a disaster.

Even with months of warning, the rising waters of the Yangtze River behind the Three Gorges Dam took thousands of people by surprise.

[...] Engineers had posted signs showing where the water level will be when the reservoir, which started to fill on June 1, reaches its highest point. But in a sign of the confusion surrounding the world's biggest hydroelectric project, and by sheer force of rural tradition, many planted in fields they had been told were doomed.

Can you blame them for doing what their families have been doing for centuries?
Ding, the farmer in Qutang, about 120 miles upstream from the dam, once had a vegetable field of some 36,000 square feet. Now, he said, all but 1,300 square feet of it is under water.
A disaster. Already.

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