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June 10, 2003
Someone save the USA!

I can't decide who to vote for! For some people, that might seem to be a decision a long way in the future, but I want to get behind my candidate now. I know Dean has a lot of support, but I also like Kucinich. In some ways, I like Kucinich quite a bit better. In other ways, Dean.

I hate decisions of this magnitude before I've had my morning coffee.

And, speaking of politicians, there's another outburst of rebellion in Texas. This time it's the Republicans. Well, to be exact, one Republican. And not exactly a politician. A donor. Possibly a huge donor. It's Texas Association of Business President Bill Hammond.

Throughout the legislative session, Texas Association of Business President Bill Hammond fought a grand jury investigation into whether his statewide organization illegally used secret corporate donations to elect a business-friendly Legislature.

On Monday, Hammond moved a step closer to risking jail rather than cooperating with investigators.

State District Judge Mike Lynch found Hammond and Don Shelton, the group's information resources director, in contempt for failing to surrender documents to the grand jury. Hammond is the fourth but most prominent employee of the state's largest business organization to refuse either to testify or provide documents about the group's $1.9 million advertising campaign during last year's elections.

The Republican is saying that the entire investigation is sour grapes from Democrats who lost their majority.

And, speaking of the USofA, Al Kennedy slaps us all across the chops. I've been wondering why the story of Oliverio Martinez hasn't provoked a blogwide outrage. I'm still wondering. It's all very well to get outraged over Trent Lott. He's a public figure and an easy target. Can we please get behind doing something positive for Martinez? Those of you who claim to be passionate about civil rights, I assume you're already working on this one?

And while we're taking on terrorists, let's have a little (okay, a huge) public discussion about Columbia. I'm not at all sure we're the "good guys" in that one, okay?

Bah. I have a meeting to go to.

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