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June 05, 2003
Lookit This

Anyone under the impression that this country is in the hands of mature, professional individuals needs to poke around on government sites from time to time. And check out press releases.

Like this one from the Committee On Resources.

Number of radical environmental lawsuits filed in which the taxpayer paid attorneys’ fees: 434 Average taxpayer-funded award per case for radical environmental lawyers’ fees: $70,000 Most obscene taxpayer-funded award for radical environmental lawyers’ fees: $3.5 million Filing frivolous lawsuits against the United States and getting rich off the American taxpayer: SHAMELESS

(The emphasis is in the original which looks more like something you'd find on an beginner's website than on a taxpayer funded website.)

Notice the complete absence of any real information about specific issues. We wouldn't want to get all bogged down by the facts, would we?

I'm thinking of calling my Congressman to complain about the insultingly stupid quality of their propaganda.

(You know, the more I search this site, the less I'm able to believe this is actually a government site, in spite of the .gov domain name. First, they offer a very prominent link to "gop.gov" and second, the messy site design and the sensationalist headlines. This is some radical, cheesy wing-nut group, isn't it?)

Okay, Now Lookit This

Halliburton has been awarded $500 million in contracts so far?

Editor's Note | Rep. Waxman's letter to the office of the Army Secretary raises a number of disturbing issues. It appears that Halliburton subsidiary, Kellog Brown & Root, was given nearly $500 million in government contracts for the Iraq war without said contracts being proffered to other companies in a standard bidding process. Given Halliburton's close ties to Vice President Cheney, the potential impropriety of this action is manifest. As Rep. Waxman notes in his letter, Halliburton's contracts with the government allowed them "to profit from virtually every phase of the conflict with Iraq." Perhaps more disturbing is the timing of the issuance of said contracts. Waxman states that Brown & Root was contracted for Iraq war work in 2001. Was this contract offered before September 11? truthout is in the process of finding the answer to that question through Rep. Waxman's office. - wrp

(Emphasis is mine.) And you can read the text of the letter, too.

Posted by AnneZook at 04:05 PM