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June 04, 2003
Drat these people

I so don't have time for this. I have a job.

Remember those things called the Geneva Conventions? Our oh-so-civilized coalition allied soldiers don't seem to have gotten the memo about treatment of POWs. Of course, given our Administration's semantic tap-dancing around the definition of "POW" I'm not surprised. (I'm sorry, but if you declare a "war on terrorism" then it naturally follows that those you incarcerate while waging that war are POWs, okay?)

And since the intelligence communities in the UK and the USofA aren't cooperating in hiding their governments' shenanigans with the WMD evidence, they might wind up as the fall guys for what went wrong.

That the elite no longer serve might explain the government's casual acceptance of soldiers' deaths in opportunistic wars these days.

The Bush Administration said they wanted Iraq governed by the Iraqis, but those silly Iraqis didn't understand that they meant only the right kind of Iraqis. The pro-USofA ones.

The soldiers were told the "road home" was "through Baghdad" but it's not true. They were angry at having been lied to (we can sympathize with that), but now they're reported to be resigned.

I'm just saying, okay? If a $200,000 bounty doesn't produce those WMD, then maybe there aren't any.

Okay, more proof that national sovereignty means little to this Administration.

US troops raided the Palestinian embassy in Baghdad and arrested 11 staff members - including its top diplomat - after ransacking the building, Palestinian officials said Thursday. A top US general said only eight people had been arrested. "They even took all of our water bottles and food cans," said Mohammad Abdul Wahab, a mission official. "They behaved like common thieves." Although US troops have conducted numerous sweeps against suspected criminals and loyalists of Saddam Hussein's regime, Wednesday's raid was the first such action against a foreign diplomatic mission. . .
This is an unconscionable violation of international law.

Daily Kos links to a story saying it was All About Oil. It's from the Wolfowitz interview.

And there are folks blogging from the G8.

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