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June 03, 2003
Anti-environmentalists to the ready!

Looks like they're doing well in China. They've created a huge dam that will have amazing benefits to the people of China.

The government says it has cleared four million tons of household, industrial and sewage waste, as well as the rubble from demolishing 12 million square metres of housing. It plans to invest 3bn in hundreds of sewage and waste disposal plants, but all the pollution from Chongqing and other industrial cities still goes straight into the Yangtze, making its water so poisonous that no one dares drink it or use it for agriculture.
I'm sure the 2 million people losing their homes and livelihood are thrilled to be displaced by a 385 mile-long cesspool.

And here in the USofA, those Anti-Greens aren't slacking off the battle at all. They've convinced the Bush Administsration to stop classifying land as public wilderness closed to development.

If oil and gas leases are granted or roads built before Congress acts, both sides concur that America's remaining wild lands could be marked irrevocably by human hands and could lose any ability to qualify for wilderness protection.
Our friends at Exxon had better get to drilling fast before those terrorist eco-nuts get into action.

I applaud the Bush Administration for laying a little groundwork by forcing the decimation of national park budgets along with the money for those whiney poor people and others who don't make significant campaign contributions. There's a better use for that money, after all.

(Don't pay any attention to those liberal idiots who do things like publicly resign in protest, okay George? What do they want? A bunch of "polluting trees" or landscape full of artistically angular oil and gas wells? And we don't need to protect sick people either. Sick people don't have any money to contribute to political campaigns.)

Seriously. This time I'm going back to work and I'm not reading any more headlines today.

Posted by AnneZook at 11:32 AM