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June 03, 2003
The Blog On Tuesday

Apparently, it's the Era of the Lie. (I'm tired of this era. Can we move on already?)

Is Big Brother coming? Read the article carefully and you'll have to agree that if the Pentagon has their way, yes, the technology for a repressive, intrusive state mechanism to keep tabs on "troublemakers" (if not everyone) is distinctly under development.

And, speaking of intrusive government -

From the UK Times, we read that: Fat people will have to diet if they want to see the doctor. I'm annoyed that the Times links aren't working today.

Overweight people and heavy smokers would have to sign contracts promising to diet or give up cigarettes in return for treatment, under radical new plans being drawn up by Labour.
That's all I can get to, but it's enough to really infuriate me. What? Now everyone but the people likely to get sick can have medical care?

What about people who don't exercise? Lack of exercise has been proven to contribute significantly to high health risk. How about people not incredibly overweight but with lousy diets? That's a huge health risk, we'd better screen them out of the process too. How about those pipe and cigar smokers? They're at pretty high risk of oral cancer.

Heck, let's just do this up right. If there's any history of illness in your family, it's too expensive to treat you, so you can't see the doctor.

Sheesh. Morons.

I deplore the revelation that many post-9/11 detainees were treated harshly and I deplore even more the revelation that some were tortured, right here on USofA soil. I'd imagine a few low-level agents will get punished and the higher-ups who should have been responsible for setting the parameters of such detainments (I mean, assuming the Constitution wasn't considered clear on the 'rules') will go on their merry ways.

Tony Blair has refused to allow his government to set up an independent inquiry about the truth of those pesky WMD.

For those still believing in Bush's policies, most of which he previously implemented in Texas with disastrous results, take a look at this indictment of his "No Child Needs An Education Left Behind" mess.

And, in case you thought my earlier mention of this was a fluke, take a look at how corporations are still marketing in the classroom.


I'm going back to work.

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