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June 02, 2003
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The first act of international terrorism here at home...was RFK's assassination?

This National Post article disses school uniforms, but what I want to know is, who decided on little kilts for the girls instead of a more sensible, unisex pants/trousers uniform? I'm not at all surprised they found people staring at them when they ran or adjusted their skirts in public.

Good gad, the Nooner is back at the OpinionJournal! Oh, no, my mistake. They're giving her (no doubt free of charge) space to shill advertise her forthcoming book. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't have enough distance from 9/11 myself yet to read about her "tender sense of appreciation for . . . the dead" so I won't be reading the book. I can't help but mention that the bits of vapid prose we're favored with in this excerpt read more like a book for wee tots than an introduction to a collection of essays for mature adults. (In any case, who wants a collection of her essays? Does she have some perception that she's some kind of national icon whose every word is worthy of celebration? What happened to the days when people were happy to wait until they retired, or died, and let posterity decide if their words should be saved?)

And while I'm dissing the OJ, why are they re-running 27 year-old columns?

Jeb's under fire for forgetting what's due to a campaign contributor and for forgetting to, you know, disclose illegally high donations.

Seems we could make up a significant amount of the budgetary shortfall if only someone had the nerve to call the military to heel and demand a little accountability in terms of the billions and billions of dollars they're given to spend.

Is it "here we go again" with an invastion of Iran in the offing ore we getting a little paranoid about the Bush Administration's Judeo-Christian imperialist aspirations?

Which, for some reason, leads me to tell you that I ordered me up a Killer D tee-shirt.

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