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June 02, 2003
Okay, I'm blogging. Sue me.

I can't stand it. Everything in the news is interesting today. So, while I'm still working on picking one or two (or maybe three or five) topics to concentrate on in the future, here's the usual potpourri of links.

First, let's have a moment of silence in honor of the dying remains of the free press. Seems to me that plenty of "centralization" was already under way, but a few more actions like this one and the media giants won't even have to pretend. Certainly very few people are still pretending that the right to dissent is unfettered.

Make bricks, not war. Actually, this is a theme park I'd really like to visit. (Not that I'll give up the usual kind of theme parks. I love roller coasters.)

It would appear that there are those still claiming that the evidence of Weapons of Mysterious Disappearance in Iraq is "overwhelming."

"I've got in front of me the 173 pages of the unanswered disarmament questions which Dr. Blix put before the Security Council," Straw said. "Our point is this: Look, if Saddam had nothing to hide why had he failed over a 12-year period to provide answers to these questions?"
I don't know. Politics? Seems to be a good enough reason in this country.

Much as I loathed (and I did) Hussein, I don't have any problems visualizing a proud, even arrogant man who felt that his country and his culture were being insulted by "Westerners" demanding information. I have no problem seeing that this dance around WMD gave him power not only over the USofA but much of the rest of the world. He scared the world. He was a psychopathic, egotistical dictator, and all he had to do was not check off the required boxes to have the world shaking in its shoes. Why does what seems to me to be a simple point of psychology not explain this situation?

And why do we continue to blindly support Israel when, by this time, their responsibility for the continued Middle Eastern violence matches that of Palestine? I'm one who has always believed that no peace will work that isn't equitable for both sides. I never believed that Israel was a nation of innocent martyrs and I believe it even less today and we read more and more information indication that Israel is by-far the most heavily armed country in the Middle East.

Depleted uranium weapons are still evil. They've always been evil.

Studies have found that male soldiers who served in the Gulf War were almost twice as likely to have a child with a birth defect and female soldiers almost three times as likely.
This is the way our government repays soldiers who put their lives at risk in war.

Freidman has a Theory of Everything and is calling for comments. Me, in this story of intertwined and incestuous world economies, I see both the hope and the fear of the future. (A) Intertwined economies do, in fact, put pressure on governments not to go to war. (B) At the same time, intertwined economies create internal pressures on governments that can prevent them from protesting human rights abuses in other countries.

(A) means an end to bullet-driven wars.

(A) also opens the door to wars of economics any time a country has the temerity to buck the system.

(B) means countries can and will be prevented from standing together against the efforts of one country to dominate and subject their own citizens or other countries.

(B) means that the next time France has the nerve to stand up and tell us we're wrong, we won't stop with idiocies like "Freedom Fries." We'll do what we're currently terrorized that Saudi Arabia might do to us. We'll pull our economic investment out of France and drive them into a never-ending depression.

We can do that, you see, because we're the big bullies in this system. USofA corporations are the ones with their tentacles in all corners of the globe, the ones already conniving at terrorizing and murdering innocent civilians for the sake of profit. There's not really anyone else in the world who has, or who would be allowed to develop this power.

But enough of me. Read this.

(I had twenty more things I wanted to comment on, but that work ethic is calling me.)

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