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May 26, 2003
And the Winner Is:

Looks like Iran is about to win the "whose next?" war stakes.

I'm so glad we're not going to be making permanent war or anything. And I'm awfully glad we're leaving Saudi Arabia alone. We wouldn't want to deprive all of those terrorists of one of their main training bases or anything.

Were "coalition" soldiers unnecessarily at risk due to sloppy air support back-up in Iraq? If they were, are they going to decline to attend the next party war?

We're clearly already preparing for the next war, wherever it's going to be. Many of us are still arguing the legitimacy of such wars.

Many of us are still arguing the legitimacy of the last one.

And others are still arguing that Baghdad's surrender was sold to the USofA for safe passage for members of Hussein's regime.

I don't suppose we're be back on the road to Afghanistan no matter how badly we botched the job there.

If we have to make war, why can't we go somewhere where they need us?

The latest African horrors to disfigure our screens come from Congo's Bunia. Lendus kill Hemas who now kill Lendus in a cycle of tribal murder. James Astill's chilling film on Friday's Newsnight showed streets dotted with corpses surveyed by a powerless garrison of UN peacekeepers 'without the mandate' to intervene; a 10-year-old orphan in combat fatigues told Astill, in one of this year's more extraordinary TV interviews, he had killed 10 Lendus himself.
If Hussein's behavior was a disgrace, what word to we use to describe a culture where a 10 year-old picks up a gun and starts killing as a matter of course?
The trouble is twofold. First, the proposal comes from France, and George Bush has instructed his staff that he will not receive phone calls from President Chirac. Second, the US does not accept that its subsidies to its farmers lead to any American export dumping; its $20 billion of support for its farmers is virtuous while similar sums spent by Europeans are dastardly.
Lies, again. However, I'm going to stand up and say, on this one, Bush is just mouthing a long-term USofA policy. This crisis has been building in Africa for years and the USofA, along with the rest of the so-called "civilized world" has dithered around about what to do. (Having said that, I'll add that childish petulance, like refusing to accept phone calls from a head of state, do nothing to solve the problem but add a lot to the perception of Bush as a man too immature to be sitting at his desk.)

Beyond the Middle East

Make a donation to the International Red Cross or your preferred international aid agency. Help the people of Algeria, who aren't getting the help they need from their own government.

Get out and work for your favored candidate or we're going to end up with Leiberman.

Get out and do SOMETHING to get these people out of office!

And don't expect me to have sympathy for tobacco farmers getting nice pots of money from the government not to grow tobacco. Are we expected to believe that the rich farmland won't support any other crop for those who value their way of life? (If the federal government wasn't so tied to the cotton industry, the Maryland land could be put to growing hemp, an eco-friendly, inexpensive, "natural" source for fabric.)

Not only is this Administration giving the Defense Department its entire wish list, but we see that they're being given a lot more than that. Can someone explain to me why that extra $1.7B wasn't spent on the social programs slated to be starved to death?

Oh, yeah. Silly me. Because Bush thinks the Federal Government exists to maintain armed troops and should have no other function.

I'm too depressed to read any more headlines today.

Here are some words of peace and hope.

The night of Jan. 26, 1965, an FBI tape rolled as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. urged followers to pursue non-violence despite the beating of a black woman that day by sheriff's deputies in Selma, Ala. The speech sat in the hands of a police informant, and is now published in a collection of civil rights oratory, Ripples Of Hope.

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