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May 23, 2003

I don't know what to say about the tragedy in Algiers. Send a little something to your preferred international aid organization, okay?

General Tommy Franks is retiring after being the second person in a row to decline the honor of being promoted to Army Chief of Staff. Looks like no one wants to run Bush's army.

Is the White House robbing Peter to pay Paul, diverting money desperately needed for aid in Africa to pay for their war in Iraq?

As Solomon points out, it's only terrorism if it hits us. At least in the eyes of the USofA media.

In mid-May, the internationally syndicated columnist Gwynne Dyer wrote a piece noting that the previous week had brought news reports of terrorist attacks in Chechnya, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Morocco and Israel, resulting in a total of 153 deaths. He observed: "Last week was the worst for terrorist attacks since Sept. 11, 2001. ... Yet there were no headlines last weekend saying '750 people dead of gunshot wounds in the U.S. since Monday' or 'Weekly traffic death toll in India tops 2,000,' and only small headlines that several thousand people had been massacred in the eastern Congolese town of Bunia."
As Solomon also mentions, "terrorism" in this country is mostly a political issue.

Much as I hate to interrupt what is apparently a deeply felt triumphalism on the American right, now that it's over, does anyone see any reason for our having invaded Iraq? (No, the words aren't mine, they're Molly's. For my money, Molly Ivins is one of the best columnists writing today.)

Since when do death row prisoners get to choose their method of execution?

And here's something I like. A list of books to read! Except that even just the NYorker article told me, I think, as much as I need to know about Rove. That coverage, and these two high-profile books should tell all of us, even without the bother of reading them, just exactly how much power Rove wields in Washington.

And I'd say Melvin Goodman is quite wrong. I don't see there being any consequences to the Administration for the lies they told us to convince us to invade Iraq. I'd love to be proved wrong on this one.

And, speaking of lies (talking about this government, I always seem to be speaking of lies, don't I?), remember the $15B for AIDS? It's not exactly going to be $15B for AIDS, you know. The report is full of numbers, but the bottom line is that we'll be spending about $45 million to fight AIDS next year.

Promise: $15,000,000,000
Truth: $45,000,000
This is amazing.

And this is disgraceful. I mean, not that we didn't all know that USofA pharmaceutical companies ship their substandard product to developing countries. They're not the only corporations that use the third-world as a dumping ground. (Remember the baby formula incident?) But they shipped product they knew might be tainted with AIDS? That's...heck, that could be attempted genocide.

I'm pretty sure that's actionable.

And, finally, for those who were wondering about the aftermath of war, after the cameras are gone.

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