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May 22, 2003

This is one of those days when every, single thing I read is fascinating, but I just don't have time to comment on it all. It's a pity we can't make our hobbies into our paying jobs, isn't it?

Call me paranoid, but when Bush talks about compassion, I get the urge to buy stock in defense corporations.

Homeland security at work...protecting us from the free press. I guess it's something to do to fill the time when they don't have Democratic legislators to chase around. (Speaking of the Texas legislature, I wonder what Texas Republicans will do now that their chicanery is hitting the news?)

And, speaking of a good giggle, Ari's going to have to make some changes around his family.

And also, I can't remember where I read it this morning (I've hit more than 40 sites today), but in an open note to the person who says the Democrats just don't understand how scared Americans are after 9/11, and how reassuring Cruise Bush looked in his flight suit, and how they love knowing we have a president in office who is wiling to stand up and fight, I say, "Get a clue."

I don't know who these people you're talking to are who are so frightened, but I've talked to a hundred people in the last year and none of them are that scared, okay? (Although the fear level went up noticeably after we attacked Iraq.)

I number both conservatives and liberals among my friends, and those who pay close attention to the news and those who just take the nightly news broadcasts on faith.

Those who don't pay close attention (the majority) are the least worried. They're not living in terror of another attack. These people define short-attention-span-theatre, okay? They've been trained that way by television sound-bite newscasts.

The people who pay close attention are more worried, but their worry is side-tracked by anger at the way this Administration is not taking steps to prevent another attack. (Hint: Kicking credentialed French journalists out of the country is not a useful step. Nor is repeatedly putting my blond, blue-eyed, all-American boss through the wringer every time he books a flight going to protect us. His last name is Dutch in origin, not Muslim. Could you people please figure out what you're doing?)

Posted by AnneZook at 10:19 AM