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May 21, 2003
War - the aftermath

Browsing around (when I should be working, yes), I found this from Krugman. I should have linked to it before.

The overthrow of the Taliban was a real victory — arguably our only important victory against terrorism. But as soon as Kabul fell, the administration lost interest. Now most of Afghanistan is under the control of warlords, the Karzai government is barely hanging on, and the Taliban are making a comeback.
I don't hear anyone in the Administration talking about beefing up our presence in Afghanistan and finishing the job properly.

No, we'll just let it drop. After all, once we've been in there fighting, anyone who really wants freedom can pick up their own guns and finish the job, right?

Gruesome fact: during the uprising after the first gulf war Saddam’s henchmen, in order to move quickly, would put people in trucks and move them to the edge of the city and bury them alive, these are the mass graves where you’ll find people still have their ID’s, fully dressed only with their hands tied.
We suck, okay?

(I assume we're all still reading Salam's blog?)

The official Number in Nasiriyah (i.e. coming from hospitals and medical centers in the area) is about 1000 civilian deaths and 3000 injuries.
I'm so glad we fought such a nice, clean war this time with all of those "smart" bombs and all of that precision targeting. Otherwise people might have gotten hurt.


Other stuff

Browsing through the weblogs...I see that Kevin Drum is good today, but he usually is. His blog is a pleasure to read.

And ever since I first heard that the gov'ment might be interested in what I'm reading, I've made a point of using a credit card to pay for all of my book purchases. And I hope my list of liberal, pro-ecology, pro-civil rights, anti-totalitarian/repressive/fascist government books chokes them.

Dorks. What kind of moron wastes scarce tax dollars on such a stupid and fruitless task? (As though it wasn't possible to walk into any library and spend 8 hours, or four days, reading and copying anything you want and never leaving a trail?)

The problem with government is that it's full of politicians.

And, speaking of government, take a look at this to see just how that USofA "generosity" I mentioned in a previous entry pans out against the generosity of the rest of the wealthy world.

The CGD/FP Commitment to Development Index ranks 21 of the world's richest countries according to how much their policies help or hinder the economic and social development of poor nations. The index examines six policy categories: foreign aid, openness to international trade, investment in developing countries, openness to legal immigration, contributions to peacekeeping operations, and responsible environmental practices.
The same Germany we were mad at along with France (before the government and the media inexplicably decided to focus on France) clocks in at 4.7. France itself manages 3.8. You'll have to scroll to the bottom of the list to find the USofA at 2.6. Only Japan comes in lower. (And they manage 1.2 for aid, against the USofA's 0.8.) Our only outstanding category is "trade" and stand back while I keel over in surprise.

The so-called Liberal Media and the FCC's proposed consolidation are still under discussion. I'd like to see a lot more discussion, not of the underhanded attempt to sneak this through the system, but of the actual wording of the changes and the likely consequences. I'd also like to see some public display of the actual documents submitted by the (big media corporate) supporters. And I want to see it on the front page of the NYTimes and the Washington Post and the LATimes. I'd also like to hear about it on the nightly news. I wonder why the national (big media corporate) news outlets aren't covering this?

Ugly numbers but a funny, funny column.

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